Tutor Tango. Take your teacher with you.
About Us

We are founded and run by teachers, and we believe that makes all the difference. Our mission is simple: to digitally connect students in need of academic assistance to highly experienced teachers. Our core values are just as simple: we believe that all students deserve access to private tutoring and we are committed to bringing our innovative online learning technology to all student communities.

Tutor Tango is a visionary online tutoring service offering students in grades 7-12 superior-quality instruction in a wide range of subjects and Test Prep. On our site, students and tutors work together to build academic understanding, confidence, and independence.

Additionally, Tutor Tango prepares students for the 21st century college classroom and the professional world. Our top-notch tutors give students opportunities to develop key executive functioning skills, such as video conferencing and independent online schedule management. Our learning interface features Video & Audio Messaging, File Sharing, Instant Messaging (Chat), Desktop Sharing, an Interactive Whiteboard, and lots of other cool features.

Tutor Tango’s digital doors are open just about all the time--from 7am to 1am, EST. Because students and tutors meet virtually, tutor sessions easily fit into students’ busy schedules and address immediate academic needs. With Tutor Tango, students can log-in and meet their tutors wherever it’s convenient.


Tutor Tango is very selective in who we hire. Our tutors are highly experienced teachers who hail from top institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Univ. of Chicago, Cambridge, Columbia, and Penn. 100% have undergraduate degrees, over 50% have graduate degrees, and 10% have PhDs. Moreover, we vigorously vet all of our tutors through interviews, multiple reference and background checks, and a series of collaborative training workshops.

Our tutors are gifted educators and experts in their fields who won’t write papers or do homework for their students. Tutor Tango tutors empower students to succeed on their own, putting a premium on academic honesty and integrity.


We have approximately 40 teachers trained to teach in a wide variety of subjects, including Art History, English, foreign Language, math, Music Theory, social studies, science, and test prep. For a complete list of subjects offered, click here.


Tutor Tango is all about ACCESS. Through our innovative social program, PRO BONO PUBLICO (“For the Public Good”), we aim to close the ACCESS GAP to private tutoring and extra instruction among student populations. At our core, we embrace an innovative educational mission to find collaborative, creative, and substantive ways to reach all students in academic need. We believe that any student who needs instructional help should have it, even if that student doesn’t have the means to access a private tutor.


Scott C. Wilson
Chief Executive Manager & Tutor Tango Founder

Scott has 10 years of teaching experience and 8 years of tutoring experience. He worked as a Latin teacher at Trinity High School in suburban Cleveland before moving to New York, where he began working as a Latin and English teacher at a prestigious Manhattan private school. While there, Scott started tutoring on the side, and in just a few short years, he grew his personal tutoring business from 1-2 clients per week to 7-8 clients per week, including students from top schools across Manhattan: Brearley, Calhoun, Dalton, Fieldston, Nightingale-Bamford, Spence, York Prep, Trinity, and Trevor Day, among others. In 2009, Scott was hired as the advanced Latin tutor by a prestigious Brooklyn-based tutoring company.

In addition, Scott has been a varsity ice hockey coach, debate team adviser, and--most importantly (as far as he’s concerned)--father of two. He received a BA in Classical Studies and English from John Carroll University and an MA in Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College.

Shelly Waldvogel
Chief Operations Manager & Media Director

Shelly brings over fifteen years of advertising, direct-market sales, and graphic design experience to Tutor Tango. She wears many hats for the company, from ad and web design to marketing and workflow strategies. She was trained at Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts and she received her BA from the Ohio State University.

Colin Allen
Chief Technical Manager

Colin has over a decade of technical experience in digital development. He has worked for digital companies including AKQA, Fi, The New York Times, and Ogilvy & Mathers. He is, in short, a diplomat for nerds.