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Announcing: Tutor Tango's 2013-2014 EdSocial Blog Series
Thursday, August 22, 2013

“Ed” stands for education, and “Social” stands for social media. Put them together and you get what we’re calling “EdSocial.”

Throughout the year we’ll be mining social media for the best in educational offerings, from cool vocabulary feeds on Twitter to dazzling Pinterest boards all about science to the most useful Facebook pages devoted to Test Prep tips. Excited? We sure are!

We’ll report the highlights of our search for the best EdSocial stuff out there toward the end of each month, complete with images, top five lists, and recommendations that might make your future searches a little easier. And if you know of an Instagram, Google+, Facebook, or other media page that you think might be worth our while, let us know: blog@tutortango.com.

In between EdSocial posts, we’ll be offering up our own useful material as composed by our highly talented and experienced staff tutors. Here are some of the topics we’ll be exploring:

SAT - Verbal: Top Secret Test-Taking Strategies
ACT - Math: Hot Study Tips
SAT vs. ACT: One, the Other, or Both?
Using Technology to Enhance Your Spanish Listening Skills
College Essay Writing: Mining Your Memory for the Best Topic
AP History: Which Course is the Best Fit for You?
Tips for Writing a Great Biology Lab Report

Good luck as you begin the new school year, and be sure to stay tuned to our blog!