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Crowdfunder's Remorse
Monday, July 8, 2013

It’s been quite a while since our last blog entry, and that’s because most of our time and energy in June was devoted to fundraising through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

The good news: we did it! We raised more than our goal of $10,000 thanks to the extremely generous contributions and support of 66 donors.

The bad news: we can’t thank our supporters enough. Seriously. And the title of this entry, “Crowdfunder’s Remorse,” is what we’re calling this feeling. It’s different from buyer’s remorse, when you feel regret after making a purchase. “Crowdfunder’s remorse” is when you feel so grateful for the support and encouragement of your contributors that you can’t possibly do enough to repay them for their kindness.

But, at the very least, we’re going to honor our contributors by putting our new funds where our mouths were, so to speak, when we explained what we intended to do with the money on our campaign page:

1) to fund a strategic advertising & sales campaign to spread the word about our amazing service as we transition to the next school year.

2) to offset the legal and filing fees necessary to establish our social outreach division, Pro Bono Publico, as an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We are already hard at work to achieve both goals. We have identified and made initial contact with potential partners throughout the greater New York area; and as for the latter, we’ve been meeting with lawyers and researching fiscal sponsorship organizations while simultaneously drafting the details of our first year-long pro bono project. We’ll be sure to post updates on this blog for our followers and supporters to check up on.

To end this entry, we’d like to thank not only those who contributed funds to our campaign, but also those who helped in other ways. Many of your shared our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and through Google+. Some of you forwarded our emails or even wrote your own to spread the word, and there were probably some of you out there who simply talked it up (offline-style) to others who might be interested in our cause.

So to all of you, once and for all: thank you! We’ll see what we can do to remedy this feeling of “Crowdfunder’s remorse” asap.