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Sound Body, Sound Mind
Monday, January 11, 2016

The ideal of the “sound mind in a sound body,” which may predate the Ancient Romans, can be found in a poem by the Latin satirist Juvenal: You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body. ask for a stout heart that has no fear of death, and deems length of days the least of Nature's gifts that can endure any kind of toil… Educators, psychologists, parenting experts--and the list goes on and on--have championed this expression, and we’re jumping on that bandwagon. Really, how could anyone argue with the importance of being both mentally and physically healthy? Our interpretation of the expression is simple and literal: we take it to mean that in order to be in your best mental shape--and, by extension, to do your best in school and on standardized tests--you must first make sure that you are in your best physical shape. We’ve therefore decided to kick off the new year with our “Sound Body, Sound Mind” blog series, featuring topics such as follows: Four Simple Exercises to Do During a Study Break Four Relaxation Techniques to Try During a Study Break The Top 10 Delicious Brain Foods to Keep You Energized Five Healthy Drinks to Fuel Your Next Study Marathon Five Fun Ways to Reward Yourself After Studying This wonderful series will begin with our next blog entry on Tuesday, January 26th, and will continue throughout the winter and into the spring. Stay tuned to this blog, and have a happy and HEALTHY New Year! Back