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Students! Three Tips to Improve your Health This Summer!
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Feeling lazy but want to get into shape this summer? Here are some tips to live by in order to get yourself going!

1. Set realistic goals! Don’t tell yourself you’re going to exercise for one hour every day when you know you’re not going to end up getting off your couch. Setting such lofty, unrealistic goals will only make you feel worse when you don’t accomplish them. Instead, start small and gradually push yourself. Tell yourself to run or exercise for only 10 minutes, then 15, then 20. Gradually you’ll be able to work out much longer than you ever thought you could!

2. Create a routine you know you can stick to! Setting realistic goals is only the first step; now you have to make sure you achieve what you want to accomplish. Deciding thirty minutes before that you want to go to the gym or run outside might feel right in the moment, but tomorrow or the next day you might not be motivated enough. Make a plan. Make a smart routine that makes you more compelled to actually follow through with it.  Create an exercise schedule you know you can stick to whether it’s twice, three times, or five times a week.  The important thing is to be consistent. If after a couple weeks you want to increase the amount of times you exercise, that’s great, but don’t set the bar too high at the start--you might end up overworking yourself, or you might scale back simply because you feel you did enough last week.

3. Eat everything in moderation! You love chocolate, ice cream, and chips, but don’t you hate the the way you feel after you pig out? Don’t decide automatically to wipe all those yummy tasting foods from your diet, just reduce the amount you eat. If you decide to cut all your favorite treats out of your diet, you’re only going to crave them even more. Trade your everyday snacks from chips and candy for healthier alternatives that taste just as good and will make you feel better about yourself, such as trail mix, fruit smoothies, or baked vegetable chips. You should still be able to have ice cream and cupcakes, but turn them into treats rather than what you eat every time you reach for a snack.

All these tips are great ways to get you motivated into turning your summer into the summer you want it to be! Eat healthy, but know you can still have your junk food; set realistic goals; and create a schedule for yourself. In the end, you have to find the best way to achieve what you want, but these tips will give you a great head start!