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Summer Side Hustles for Teachers
Tuesday, June 5, 2018

by guest contributor Joyce Wilson of Teacherspark.org  

When you are a teacher, people assume you spend your whole summer lazing around in a hammock sipping lemonade. However, the more likely scenario is you spending those couple months going over lesson plans, fixing your budget and caring for your family. However, there is a bit more free time during the summer months, so why not take advantage of it this year by starting a side hustle that you can take with you into the next semester? 

We’ve gathered up some of our favorite ideas for summer side hustles for teachers. Check them out below.

Interior Home Painting 

If you find the roll of a paintbrush over a wall soothing, there is no better time to start your own little home and room interior painting business than the summer. Families who want a fresh coat are more likely to hire you to do the project while they are gone on vacation. They come home to a new look and you go home with some extra hard-earned cash. Part-time interior painters can make as much as $35 an hour!

TIP: Start a portfolio with photos of the impressive work you’ve done in your own home. 

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Taking care of pets is a lot like taking care of kids, only they don’t talk back and maybe shed a bit more. If you are an animal lover, pet sitting and dog walking is a great way to make extra money while enjoying all the health benefits of pets. You can advertise your services to neighbors using sites like Craigslist or Nextdoor or you can find clients through website specifically tailored for pet sitting. 

TIP: Maximize profits by stacking appointments together and walking multiple dogs at once.

Online Shop

If crafting is one of your many skill sets, why not turn it into a business venture this summer? With an online storefront such as Etsy and the free time that summer brings, you’ll be able to sell your creations from the comfort of home. There is nothing too unique to sell, whether it is custom door mats, jewelry, or felt animals

TIP: Set up a home office where you can fulfill online orders without household distractions.


Make the most of your summer by starting a side hustle that you can carry with you into the next semester. Interior painting can be meditative while making serious money. Pet sitting and dog walking keep you active and they are the perfect gigs for animal lovers. Finally, as a teacher you have the experience and education needed to be a top dollar tutor online.