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We Need Your Help! Support Tutor Tango’s Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo.com
Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Since our launch in September of 2012, we’ve had two simple goals:

(1) to provide kids of all backgrounds and income levels with high quality academic tutoring.

(2) to pay our teacher-tutors a fair wage commensurate with their experience and credentials.

We’ve worked hard to realize these goals and we have a great service to show for it–and we want everyone to know about it! And that’s where you come in...

Over on Indiegogo.com, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign. What is crowdfunding, you say? As the name implies, it's a relatively new and popular way for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists of all stripes to raise funds for projects by asking for small donations from a crowd of supporters (like you) in return for perks--small gifts of gratitude (more on that below).

Your donations will help us in three ways:

(1) to fund a strategic advertising & sales campaign to spread the word about our amazing service as we transition to the next school year.

(2) to offset the legal and filing fees necessary to establish our social outreach division, Pro Bono Publico, as an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

(3) if you donate at the sponsorship level, you'll directly provide a pro bono student with two months of free tutoring.

Your contribution – no matter how big or small – will help us grow, and will help us help more students achieve their academic goals.

To thank you for your support, we’re offering some pretty cool perks. Here’s an overview:

For $25: a shout out on our Facebook page and a cleverly punny, custom-designed button.

For $50: a copy of Scholastic’s Checking Your Grammar, signed by author Marvin Terban (a.k.a Professor Grammar) himself. With over a million copies sold, it’s a fun, easy way to brush up on grammar basics.

For $100: an awesome, original tote bag made exclusively for our valued supporters.

For $250: a tote bag and your name permanently on the “Our Benefactors” page of our website.

For $500: your name on the “Our Benefactors” page of our web site, and a tutoring session in the subject of your choice (that’s a $125 value!).

For $1000 (wow!): all of the benefits of the $500 donor, plus an additional tutoring session in the subject of your choice. That’s a $250 value!

For $2500 (super wow!): you’ll be directly sponsoring two months of free tutoring for one of our pro bono students (At this level, we figure you’re not in it for the perks, right?).

EVEN IF YOU CAN’T DONATE, we ask for your support. Please spread the word about our campaign by cutting-and-pasting the link below: