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Why We Love Teachers
Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yesterday marked the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week, and today, May 7th, is, in fact, National Teacher Day. The folks over at the National Education Association have invited all of us to mark the occasion by changing our Facebook status to “thank a teacher who made a difference” in our lives. To find out how you can change your profile status and/or picture in honor of the teachers who’ve made a difference in your life, click here.

While we at Tutor Tango are certainly appreciative that there’s a week designated to celebrate teachers, we firmly believe that EVERY WEEK should be Teacher Appreciation Week. Does that sound cheesy? Okay, maybe a little. But we pride ourselves on the fact that we hire only experienced teachers to be our tutors. So in honor of our team of exceptional teachers, we present our list of the top five reasons why we love teachers. Here they are:

5. Teachers work hard. Most of the educators we know know get to work early and stay late to get the job done. The idea of “punching a clock” doesn’t apply to most teachers; they put in the extra hours to do whatever it takes to help their students succeed. And, by the way, the idea that teachers just kick back and relax all summer is a bit of a myth; many teachers engage in professional development workshops, take classes, or work other jobs during the summer.

4. Teachers are amazing multi-taskers. Most teachers manage multiple classes throughout the day, each one filled with up to as many as 35 or even 40 students. In additional to all of that personnel management, teachers are busy lesson planning, writing and grading assessments, responding to emails and phone calls, and keeping up with class Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and websites. Beyond all of this, most of the teachers we know also coach or advise a club or sport. And that brings us to the next reason...

3. Teachers are not only teachers--they’re coaches, mentors, advisors, role models, and much, much more. Some teachers quite literally put on a different hat at the end of the day when the bell rings--as coaches. Some head to the theater to direct a play, or some go to the local community center to organize the latest volunteer drive. These selfless professionals spend many hours each week working with kids in all kinds of settings beyond the classroom. In doing so, they mentor and teach the whole child--not just the student in class.

2. Teachers are resourceful when their schools aren’t full of resources. Many educators work in school districts with little or no budget for anything beyond the bare essentials, so they get creative to make sure their classrooms are stocked with necessary supplies. Some spend their own hard-earned money, some host community supply-drives, and some have even used crowdfunding sites to raise money for computers and other equipment.

1. Teachers do. Have you ever heard that old cliche, “Those who can’t do, teach”? We know that's simply not true! The educators we know chose to be teaching professionals because they wanted to DO something to improve the lives of kids. And we also know teachers who worked in other fields before becoming teachers because they felt like they really wanted to DO something more meaningful. Furthermore, we don't know any teachers who spend their day sitting at a desk their feet kicked up. They're teaching up at the board; they're walking around the classroom observing students; they're hunched over a desk working one-on-one with a student. They’re on their feet a lot, and they’re doing something meaningful every minute of the day.

Thank you, teachers!